Females are beautiful creations from God.

Females are beautiful creations from God, as shinning as the blazing red Vermilion Bird; "Hung Chuang" encourages oneself and protects God's creations, continues to devote in the creation of brand new value, thereby fulfilling female's beautiful dreams.

・Reason for Foundation

The founder of Hung Chuang has been involved in the cosmetics industry for several decades, and deeply realized the significant influence of  the quality of skincare products  towards skin health, hence devoted actively to the R&D of various types of raw materials and blending, pondering how to respond to the transformation of skin texture due to climate changes, which forms into all types of variations.

After seeing the dazzling arrays of skincare products on the market which appear merely responding to the trend instead of being suitable to skin types, she then determined to establish a high quality skincare company that actually suit all skin types. 

Just like the father of the founder who devoted his entire life to the research of Chinese medicines, when patients with different symptoms come seeking for help, her father would always attempt all types of herbs, thinking of how to solve the issue with the right antidote.

The founder also inherited her father's principles, constantly pursuing advancement with professional techniques and services as the core, only supplying products most suitable for the skin needs, searching beautiful and healthy skincare products for the customers. 

・History of Growth


- Established Hung Chuang International Beauty Co., Ltd.


- Pioneer in establishing standard GMP plant according to pharmaceutical factory regulations
- Set the foundation with OEM and ODM, and advanced towards private brand.
- Passed ISO9001 certificationISO 22716


- Established Dear Fanny International Beauty Co., Ltd. in Florida


- Collaborated with Vanung University to conduct the "Research on the Formula Factor towards Sunscreen Product SPF and Nature" in 2007.


- GMP announcement, actively collaborated in Cosmetic Counseling Project from the Industrial Development Bureau


- Passed the 「 Voluntary Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice」


- Passed the "Halal Certification" in 2013.Halal Certification


- Collaborated with the Stone & Resource Industry R&D Center to conduct the "Consultation Project on Commercialization of Deep Ocean Industry" in 2014.


- Passed the "ECO (ECOCERT) Organic Certification" from the Japanese certifying institute in 2015.CERTICATE OF COMPLIANCE (COSMETICS ECOCERT)


- Conducted the "Consultation Project for Exporting Cosmetics and Skincare Products to China" in 2016 with ITRI.


- Collaborated with Dayeh University in 2018 to conduct the "Industry-Academia Ez-Start Program".


- Has already applied and passed the "ISO22716 Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing".ISO22716 SGS


- Certified again「 Voluntary Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice」.

  • 1. Brand planning

    Hung Chuang has accumulated several decades of R&D experience, it is a company with the ability to R&D as well as production. It provides customers with product development required by the customers according to the different geographical environment and skin texture, offering overall developmental planning ranging from single product to multiple product collection, providing customers with a one-stop service.

  • 2. Professional OEM

    Hung Chuang has abundant OEM experience, and is capable of producing quality products conforming to international standards according to the customer's demands.

  • 3. Design service

    Provides overall design exclusive to the customer, including the containers, packaging materials and product logo…etc.

  • 4. Innovative R&D

    Collaborates with the U.S. R&D company for the raw material research and development, constantly innovating and surmounting the uniqueness and practicality of skincare products to develop new application technologies, thereby maintaining advantageous product quality competitiveness.

  • 5. Professional team

    All products are manufactured by professional R&D personnel and production technical personnel, offering guaranteed safe and quality products with experienced technologies. 

  • 6. Educational training

    Professional product educational training enhances customer's comprehensive product info.

Company management

Professional R&D, quality management, warehousing system management

Productive facility

Dust-free room, laboratory, packaging room