Only the true beauty of Peony may astonish the city during the flourishing period,and it is aleo known as the Queen of all flowers-Peony Jlower.

The overall beauty naturally revealed by ladies with light makeup and lipstick resembkes the Peony, which presents its unique elegance together with the charming beauty out of the numr[erous comperiog flowers, just as Hung Chuang applies the unique techniques to create the varying beautiful works of color, fragrance and elegance, the sole masterpiece from Heaven.

Hung Chuang has accumulated many years of professional makeup formula experience,in addition to its uniquely developed technologies and abundant production experience. There are advanced production facillities and professional cleansing devices in the plant with an area close to 36,000 square feet, so as to contantly research and develop the best skincare products according to different skin types; it has further abandoned conventional formulae not beneficial to body health, lts extraordinary technologies constantly innovate and breakthrough the specific characeristics and practicality of skincare products, so as to develop and innovate perfection in order to allow people who desire beauty to enjoy supreme quality.

With the spirit of developing new application technologies and products, enhancing comperitiveness to catch up with the world, always improving competitive advantages and implementing GMP,we persist in the endeavors to strive towards the international competitive force.